One of the best weekend businesses you never thought would actually make money.

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Want to earn extra cash?  Everyone needs it, especially during the holidays.  We are going to let you know about a weekend business will give you more cash than most part-time jobs, and if you do it smart it can replace your full-time income.  What is it?

bounce house rentals duncanville

That’s right, a bounce house business!

I got introduced to bounce houses when I rented one for my daughters first birthday (picture below).  I was driving down a street and had never seen a bounce house like this, so I had to pull over and ask how much it cost to rent and who the company was.  A few months later I rented the Disney Princess bounce house.

Fast forward a few months later, and I am working the front desk of my duty station at my reserve unit.  Someone drops off a business card of a bounce house company and I look up the company out of curiosity.  Comes to be that this company has over 50 bounce houses and is making somewhere in the range of 5-7k a weekend.  I start to do the math, and my jaw drops.  5 freaking thousand dollars a weekend! That’s what some people make a month, working 40 plus hours a week at a job they hate.

I immediately got hooked and it wasn’t until 3 years later that I was able to buy my first bounce house.  Fast forward a few years later and we currently have 16 bounce houses and average 7-10 booking a weekend.  On average we are profiting between $700-1,300 a weekend, and are normally busy 40 weekends out of the year, which is roughly between $28,000 – $52,000 a year on a part-time job.  Yes a part-time job.  We do still have a regular job, so in a sense we are double dipping, or over working ourselves, which ever you choose.

Now the reality.  Getting into the business is actually a lot harder than you think.  Sure you can buy a few bounce houses and start, but one mistake can cause you headaches and money.  Remember, it took 3 years before I actually bought my first bounce house, and looking back, it was a bad decision.

A few tips (if I had to do it all over again):

1.  Focus more on my online presence by having a nice website and doing better seo.  Forget having more bounce houses, because there is no point of having a lot of them if they are sitting in your garage every weekend.  In 2009 I paid a person $1,500 to built me a website.  Huge mistake! I could have saved my money and had one built for $300.  Take a look at our website

2.  Buy used.  If you are patient you can find good deals from people looking to get out of the business.  Some thought it was a good idea, and it just wasn’t for them or their families.  Some people have weekend obligations they need to tend to and this business is a weekend business.  I have started to buy used, which I can usually pick up a bounce house at 60-70% off the new price.

3.  Stay within 20 miles.  When we first started, we wanted to book every party, it didn’t matter the distance.  We would drive 45-60 minutes from our location just to make $100.  Big mistake!  Think about it, drive 45 minutes there, another 45 back, and then the same to pick up.  You are spending 3 hours driving to make $100.  Focus on marketing within your geographic area and book within 20 miles.  If you do take bookings outside the 20 miles, charge accordingly.

4.  Buy a good trailer.  It took me 3 years before I did this.  I shouldn’t have started the business until I had a good trailer.  Huge mistake.  We used to flip bounce houses in and out of a little s-10 truck.  Probably hurt our backs.  This was so dumb of us.  I ended up paying 2k for a 6×10 trailer with a ramp.  Must have a ramp!  Life is a lot easier.  I can attach any truck to the trailer, and I’m in business.

I’m sure there is more advice I can give, but that will be for part two.  Stay tuned!